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Tips for Animal Adoption

1. Go to a few adoption events, you may not find the right dog at the first shelter you go to. But there are so many unwanted dogs in HK, so do try to go to several shelters!

2. You can always foster first if you are unsure about adopting (I actually fostered my rescue first, and then decided to adopt him)

3. Keep in contact with a staff member from the shelter! I WhatsApp the shelter when I have questions about my pup! And they are always very welcoming 😊


- Be open to any dog, a lot of owners have very specific dogs they want and that's perfectly fine, but sometimes the most loving dogs are the ones you don't expect

- Don't settle on the first dog you see, make sure they're right for your family


  • You're obliged to pay the medical bills, so make sure to take in financial considerations before adopting a pet. This is important because it minimizes abandonment chances.

  • Treat home interviews like a friend is coming over for a chat about your pets!

  • Many people are reluctant to conduct home interviews, but these interviews are really important because staff members just want to ensure that these pets are going to a good home. Staff members can also give you suggestions to make your home a safer place for your future pets!

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