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Fostering in Hong Kong: How You Can Help

With overcrowded shelters, hundreds of animals being rescued every week, and a lack of reduced volunteers and reduced funding, animal rescue shelters in Hong Kong greatly need more help. Want to help out these shelters? Want to help save an animal’s life? If so, fostering is the right way to go.

Fostering animals helps them learn how to socialize, experience love and affection, and learn how to adapt to life outside of a shelter. Initially, many neglected and abused animals who are reduced by shelters feel isolated and lost. Combined with the fact that shelters are overcrowded and have little funding and space, they do not have opportunities to improve. Fostering these animals helps them feel love and affection, and you can truly save their life. Additionally, some animals need to be fostered after having life-saving surgeries and operations. By fostering those animals, you are also saving their life and helping them recover after serious surgeries.

Also, many potential adopters look for animals who are well adjusted to home life, friendly, and not in a constant state of terror. Unfortunately, since many animals are abused/neglected, they are likely to be wary and afraid - and some adopters prefer more friendly dogs. By helping foster animals adjust to life at home, you are making it significantly easier for them to become adopted.

You may think that fostering is complicated and costly - but it’s actually quite straightforward! Normally, shelters provide food and cover all medical expenses. You can also always call them up if you have any questions while fostering an animal from them. Of course, you can buy your fostered pet toys and any additional items if you would like to, but the essentials are all provided and paid for.

As a foster parent of animals, there are certain responsibilities you have. This includes taking care of the basic daily needs of your animal - walking them, giving them food and water, providing them safe and clean housing/bedding, taking them to adoption events and medical appointments, teaching them basic manners, and loving them + giving them affection!

Does this sound interesting to you? Do you want to help save an animal's life? If so, please check out the links below about fostering animals from shelters in Hong Kong - they really need your help!

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