Double Dapple Awareness: Why You Should Care

A Double Dapple Daschund puppy

Have you ever seen a dachshund with unique, often white, markings on its coat? Often seen as ‘rare’ and ‘distinguished,’ the markings are a result of irresponsible breeding, making them prone to severe health risks.

Double Dapple is the color of a dog due to the mating of two dachshunds that carry the Dapple gene. This combination of genetic traits results in an appearance of white markings on the coat, blue eyes, or one or more dark eyes. Additionally, the dachshunds may appear as entirely white.

The health risks of Double Dapple are often quite severe and complicated. These lethal genes can result in varying degrees of vision and hearing loss, including missing eyes and micro eyes. In the most extreme cases, the genes can result in vision loss and hearing loss.

Double Dapple is generally seen as attractive and thus are sold at high prices. This is precisely why breeders engage in this irresponsible and unsafe breeding practice.

If you are looking to buy a Daschund, here are some steps you can take:

  1. Take a careful look at the parents' and siblings' photos to ensure they do not have Double Dapple. If possible, meet the parents of the litter.

  2. Do thorough research on the breeder - ask past customers for reviews on the breeder and ensure you are buying from a reputable, responsible breeder.

  3. Do not buy a Daschund purely because of its unique markings and coat color. This further promotes the irresponsible and reckless breeding of double dapples.

  4. Do not be mislead by advertisements about 'Rare Colored Daschunds'.

Credit to @baguette.hershey.tofu for inspiring this post.

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