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Best Places to Take Your Dog in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a great place for pets, due to the many hikes, paths, and parks dedicated to our furry friends. Here is a round-up of some of the best places to take your dog to Hong Kong, curated by our experienced team.

Central and Western District Promenade

This is a great spot for dog owners and their dogs to walk! With a picturesque view of the Kowloon skyline, this walk gives you both exercise and scenery. There are many grass areas for dogs to be let off the leash, as well as the main path that is clean and safe. There are many interesting structures to enjoy on this walk, and I’m sure your dog will enjoy sniffing them too! You can start at both the Central promenade and the Wan Chai promenade, and easily connect to both.

Cyberport Waterfront Park

This park is very dog-friendly, with many flat grass fields for your dog to run on! Situated next to the water, with beautiful views of Lamma Island. Located in Southern District, it is also very convenient to get to. This is a very popular spot for pets, so be sure that your pet makes some new friends while also staying safe. Enjoy a picnic on the grass or fly a kite while your dog runs around!

Repulse Bay Seaview Promenade/Mills and Chung path

This is a very convenient walk if you live near Repulse Bay/Shouson Hill. You can start from either Repulse Bay Beach or near Hong Kong Country Club, making this a very good option for those living in the Southside. Starting at Repulse Bay, you and your dog can start walking on a flat brick path to Deep Water Bay. Many furry friends and their owners enjoy walking here, so be on the lookout for new friends! Once you walk 20 minutes or so to Deep Water Bay, you can either choose to go back to Repulse Bay Beach or continue on to Hong Kong Country Club. Continuing on involves walking on the road with your pet for a few minutes, so be safe! Once you get to Mills and Chung path, which is just off the main road at the other end of the beach, it is another 10 minutes or so to Hong Kong Country club. Make sure to enjoy the scenic ocean views throughout the whole walk! At the end of the Mills and Chung path, walk the short staircase and you will end up near Hong Kong Country Club! You can also start here, and do everything in the opposite order.

Jardines Lookout & Mt. Butler

If you and your dog are up for a challenge, try this hike instead! This hike is both

accessible and fun, with lush mountains on either side. Start at Hong Kong Parkview and make your way through the many stairs to Jardines Lookout, the main viewing point. Spend a few minutes here to take in the views of Hong Kong! Although this hike is more challenging than walking on a flat path, it is fairly short and easy. Going up to Jardines Lookout will only take 20-30 minutes, and going down typically takes less! If you and your pup are tired at the lookout point, feel free to turn back around. Otherwise, you can continue on to Mt. Butler, but it does get more challenging. This hike does have lots of stairs to both go up and go down, so be sure that both you and your dog are comfortable with stairs and steps. Other than that, do this on a clear day so you don’t miss the spectacular views!

Tai Tam Waterworks Heritage Trail (HKPV to Tai Tam)

This easy walk is great on a clear day, as it is surrounded by the many stunning reservoirs of Tai Tam. I recommend starting at Hong Kong Parkview, as this way the path is more downhill than uphill. This walk is fairly straightforward, but there are also some family trails incorporated in this walk, so feel free to deviate from the main paved road and let your dog explore! If you follow the main path, make sure to turn left and cross the bridge once you approach the first reservoir. Follow the signs and turn left to head down to Tai Tam. This area has many different trails connecting to it, such as Violet Hill or Mt. Butler, so make sure to pay attention to the signs! After this point, it’s a straightforward downhill to Tai Tam Road. There are usually plenty of dogs here in the morning and in the evening, so let your pup have fun!

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