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Fun Things To Do with Your Pet While Social Distancing

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

As we put social distancing into practice during this time, many of us find ourselves spending more and more time stuck at home with nothing better to do, but what better time to bond with our pets than now! Here are seven fun activities to do with your pet during social distancing.


1. Teach them new tricks!

Of course, one of the classic when it comes to bonding with your pet is to teach them new tricks. From teaching the fundamentals to mastering advanced tricks, this activity is one that you and your pet will surely enjoy.


2. Make homemade goodies

What better to do during this time than to get in the kitchen and try new recipes. Of course, this means that you could try cooking up some new treats for your furry friend! Homemade treats can be really simple to make, plus, you know what goes into the treats you make so you can cater to your pet's palette.


3. Teach your pet to do chores

This could fall under the category of tricks, but we felt that it deserved its own recognition. Teaching your pet to do chores is not only impressive, but it's also a great way for your pet to help out around the house more!


4. Make toys for your furry friend

Doesn't your pet just love it when you come home with a new toy for them to play with? Of course, as we spend more time indoors, making homemade toys for our pets will keep us and our pets entertained (not to mention the environmental benefits of repurposing things we have around the house!).


5. Make clothes for your pet

Yet again, falling under the category of DIYs is making clothes for your pet. This is a great way to upcycle old clothing you might have, and also design something fashionable for your pet!


6. Play interactive games with your pet

What better way to keep your pet entertained than a game to keep them busy! Not all of us have interactive games for our pets to play at home, so of course, we can make our own.


7. Make a bed for your pet using old clothing

Finally, this craft is affordable, environmentally-friendly, and extremely comfortable for your pet (given how much they love your scent)!

You could also stuff your pet's bed using old clothing, towels, or blankets:

Times like such can be difficult, but doing these fun activities with your pet can make it so much better. Although we may not be able to go outside, we can still use this time to bond with our furry friend at home!

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