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Lola was brought to me by a volunteer at a Donguan shelter, which rescued meat trade dogs in China, and was being evicted. Initially, she was only meant to be a foster, as I had just lost my beagle of 14 years and was incredibly heartbroken. I thought: I have the space and means to help a dog in need. So why not.

It took her some time to trust me completely, and she spent a couple minutes sitting at my front door, not wanting to come in. She was incredibly thin when she first came to me, I couldn’t understand how anyone would want to eat her or any dog - but apparently people in the meat trade believe smaller dogs are good for soup, which is probably how she ended up in the shelter.

You can still tell by the way she is cautious of others, that she’s probably had a rough start - even to this day, when people hold anything that resembles a stick, she becomes quite fearful and weary. She’s definitely made me more sensitive to the fact it takes dogs time to acclimate to their new environment and way of life - they say it takes 3 months for the dog to become fully at home with you, but I’d say it was 6 months or more that she really came into her own and blossomed.


I am lucky enough to bring Lola into work with me, so there really isn’t much I do without her. She loves a good adventure and is absolutely OBSESSED with the water and sticking her head out of windows in car rides - OBSESSED.
We used to live by the causeway bay typhoon shelter, and if she decided she wanted to go for a swim, that was it. She’d be in the water before I knew it.


Although, Lola is one of the lucky ones, there are still so many ex meat trade dogs that are kept in bad conditions over in China, and I highly recommend rescuing one of these guys if you can.

Although it may take them time to open up, it’s definitely worth it to see them enjoy their new life and blossom.
I said this with my last dog too, but even though we rescued her, a (rescue) dog has so much love and compassion, they just add so much to ones life, I’d say it’s a mutual thing, and I can’t imagine life without her now.

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Lola now! 

Lola at the shelter






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